Bold Voyager

What is this all about?

Bold voyager is the meaning of my name, Fernando. Nice to meet you!

It also matches pretty well with this life I have been living.

Here, I share anything that might help, entertain or inspire you. Hope you enjoy =D.

Who's writing?

I'm a musician who likes simplicity, nature, art and geeky things.

Currently in Los Angeles doing this.


Passion - 02/27/2021

Discipline - 02/25/2021

Life Combos - 08/05/2020

Quit The Office - 07/28/2020

Fear Is Cool - 07/11/2020

We Are Creeks - 07/11/2020

Stuff that I create

Short soundscapes

Audio samples for your music

Meditation and ambient music

Book Notes

Notes from the books I read. You can check them here.


Just some random and short thoughts.


Say hi at

I am also sharing content in these medias.